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History of Jazz in the United States

Jazz is a genre of music developed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The genre originated from the African-American communities in New Orleans, Louisiana. With roots from ragtime and blues, this has become popular in the 1920’s. This is when the Jazz Age started, where jazz music becomes recognized in the United States and even overseas. It has been since recognized as one of the major forms of musical expression.
The genre of jazz is characterized by a mixture of European classical music and blues melodies. Syncopation is also a major characteristic of jazz, and from that, many o…

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Recent Articles

Posted September 27, 2017

Sex and the City “What’s Sex Got to Do With It?”

Jazz is often associated with sex and pleasure. There are many tracks that bring a seductive mood to the listener. The melody of the saxophone is one of the largest contributors to this factor. Not only it is played very sensually and passionately, but it gives off a tune that contributes to romantic pleasures.
In one episode of Sex and the City, Carrie dated a jazz musician named Ray. In their second day, she was quick to show off her rigid mattress as Carrie slept with him while listening to jazz music. Ra…

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Posted August 11, 2017

Jazz Night in the Park

When you hear jazz music, it is very distinct in style and sound compared with other genres. It generates a relaxing mood and creates a classy ambiance. Sometimes, you jive to the music, making you want to tap your feet to the floor and move your body to the beat. This is especially so if you have the soothing sound of running water nearby from a premium indoor water fountain.
At the right place and moment, jazz can really set up the mood of everyone who hears it. A jazz gig at …

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Posted July 13, 2017

Preparations for an Outdoor Jazz Concert

Preparations for a big outdoor event like music festivals and concerts can be really tedious. There will be paper works and extensive manpower required, but people with a passion for music, especially jazz, can easily ignore how hard the process is as long as the event will be a success, making sure that the audience is satisfied. You can just imagine me driving around a large ZTR mower to have the parks in a perfect condition for the event.
It all starts with an idea and a purpose. You should have a definite mi…

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