Preparations for an Outdoor Jazz Concert

Preparations for an Outdoor Jazz Concert

Preparations for a big outdoor event like music festivals and concerts can be really tedious. There will be paper works and extensive manpower required, but people with a passion for music, especially jazz, can easily ignore how hard the process is as long as the event will be a success, making sure that the audience is satisfied. You can just imagine me driving around a large ZTR mower to have the parks in a perfect condition for the event.

It all starts with an idea and a purpose. You should have a definite mission stating why you will do this kind of event. This makes your concert stand out among others. Festivals such as Rudiosa Festival feature exclusively Latin American musicians. You should have your own purpose and goal in organizing a concert. Once you have your idea in place, you must secure the lineup of artists. Of course, you can include big names in the industry if you have the right budget and sponsorships to offset the costs of talent fees and the overall cost of producing a concert. Most of the time, they have busy schedules so make sure to book them as early as 4 months before the concert.

Securing a location is the next step after you have gathered your lineup. Make sure that the location is appropriate for the audience and musicians alike. Expect a number of people that will come to your concert. If your audience will stand on a grass field, make sure that the grass is properly mowed. Consider also the weather conditions on the day of the concert so you can determine if you need tents for the audience. You should also secure permits from the local government office.

Marketing your concert should be the next step. You can hire marketing specialists to do the job for you, or you can promote it on Facebook and other social media sites, which is free. Word-of-mouth marketing still goes a long way, but having a plan for marketing content such as flyers, posters, and viral videos will skyrocket the interest of the people to go to your concert.

Before the concert, make sure that you planned the program and itinerary of the event. Create a production team so you can delegate individual tasks to them. This will make the event flow much smoother. As long as the audience enjoys the concert, the artists are paid well, and the sales went higher than the cost, you will have a successful concert.

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