Jazz Night in the Park

Jazz Night in the Park

When you hear jazz music, it is very distinct in style and sound compared with other genres. It generates a relaxing mood and creates a classy ambiance. Sometimes, you jive to the music, making you want to tap your feet to the floor and move your body to the beat. This is especially so if you have the soothing sound of running water nearby from a premium indoor water fountain.

At the right place and moment, jazz can really set up the mood of everyone who hears it. A jazz gig at Grant Park in Chicago was held in June. Musicians gathered and played jazz in front of 300 to 500 people that evening. The performance started at 7 in the evening. The location of the gig was near the Buckingham Fountain, and it added to the mood of the evening.

The musicians were playing while the fountain looms at the distance. Along with the music, the splashes of water created by the fountain set a relaxing tone. With every note played on the saxophone and the soft thump of the bass drum, the audience enjoyed every moment. The evening was slow as the people closed their eyes to savor the melody.

The Grant Park Band opened the night with a somber melody that helped dictate the mood of the entire night. Shiela Jordan upped the ante with her signature bebop style that gave a rush to the audience, followed by Gillespie’s protégé Jon Faddis. His trumpeting skills are one of a kind among the contemporary bebop musicians in this age. Jason Moran with his piano channeled his inner Monk with the grace of his fingers every time he struck a chord. Other local talents showcased their skill in jazz. And to bring down the concert to a close, the band played again with their concluding melody.

The gig is a very memorable one. There is no pleasurable experience in music that will surpass live performances. Along with the music they play are the ambiance of the place, and the stillness of the moment.

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