Sex and the City “What’s Sex Got to Do With It?”

Sex and the City “What’s Sex Got to Do With It?”

Jazz is often associated with sex and pleasure. There are many tracks that bring a seductive mood to the listener. The melody of the saxophone is one of the largest contributors to this factor. Not only it is played very sensually and passionately, but it gives off a tune that contributes to romantic pleasures.

In one episode of Sex and the City, Carrie dated a jazz musician named Ray. In their second day, she was quick to show off her rigid mattress as Carrie slept with him while listening to jazz music. Ray introduced her to the genre and how it helps with the pleasure of sex. She described her experience as “mind-blowing” to her friends Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. She also noted that she does not experience this unless she is in love with the person.

By seeing her description, jazz definitely contributed to the pleasure she experienced with Ray. There’s a little bit of history to this connection. Jazz came from the word jass, which meant sex. The music also emerged from New Orleans’s red-light district, according to Hugh Hefner, the founder of the Playboy Magazine. Some studies also show that people who enjoy jazz have 34 percent more sex than those who listen to other genres. Listeners of classical music got the lowest percentage. This means that people who listen to jazz frequently are more sexually active than those who are not fans of the genre.

Another factor is with Ray’s attitude with the music. He is so passionate about jazz and playing instruments that she considered Carrie as an instrument too, considering how good he is at playing it. Jazz musicians are really into their instruments while playing their music like their soul is lost in the melodies they produce. They feel every sensation while their eyes are closed, enhancing the sound of every note.

There is a clear connection between jazz and sex. People hear a passionate melody because the musicians themselves give pleasure to the instruments that they are playing. This is what inspired Carrie in the bedroom. Jazz music by itself is already pleasurable to listen to. What more if someone played jazz and made you the instrument?

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