This website is dedicated to covering jazz-related events like festivals, gigs, and shows across the United States. We created this website because of our passion in the jazz music industry. Most of you only know jazz as music by the African-Americans, but we hold it dearly in our hearts as the genre contains a lush history and culture behind it. Furthermore, we also wanted to emphasize the importance of this genre in the music industry as a whole and how it transformed the progression of music ever since its creation.

We have been involved in the industry for several years. Our background in jazz is vast. Having seen a lot of shows and interacted with the famous jazz musicians themselves, we know what is going inside the rich and vibrant scene of the jazz community here in the United States. Some of our members are also musicians themselves.

One of our highlights is our coverage of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This is one of the most significant jazz festivals in the world because this is where it all started. Featuring the most prominent jazz musicians, we conduct in-depth interviews with them and feed it to the website. We also do full event coverage and schedule listings in order to promote the festival to the viewers.

Our passion for jazz is shared among people throughout the country. We also cover gigs and feature it on our website through submissions on our Submit Your Gig portion. We wanted to give exposure to up-and-coming artists for them to have a wider audience. We don’t want to always cover all famous artists. Everybody should have started small, and we wanted to give opportunities to them to shine like their favorite jazz artists.

Our main goal is to sustain the exposure of jazz in the technological age. While most of the people today prefer listening through their devices and buying their music, we value the importance of seeing your favorite jazz artists perform live. We write about how the experience is different from any other and in order to present it to you, the viewers, we record their performances and upload them to our website. If you are already a fan of live performances, we enhance the passion of the people who love jazz music by knowing more of them through our interviews. We want to bring the best possible experience to people like us who are also passionate about jazz music. Whether you are a musician and a fan, we all have one thing in common: the love for jazz.